IT system for activities mamagement and stuff training
in public local administration – SIMAP


The SIMAP project aiming to develope and implement a system for managing the most important activities in city halls and for e-learning havind as infrastructure IT.

The SIMAP project is addressed to the stuff members of public administration, directly involved in the administration process at the level of Calafat City Hall, and will permit the transfer of information and specific knowledge from this field and in the some time will offer a working tool based on IT.

For realizing  the SIMAP project, next actions are necessary:

            A1. Making an IT system ( computers network)

-          system configuration

-          order and buy equipment

-          installation, testing and run the equipment

A2. Realizing special software packages for each project’s application

-          realizing the model of the connections between compartments of city hall, between compartments and city hall leaders and city hall and exterior

-          limiting the stuff members and selecting members for training program

A3. Making the training program in the some time with the application

-          checking the training process

-          evaluation of trainees

-          preparing next trainees group

The structure of this system will be distributed and the parts of structure have minimum interactions so the application will offer working need in real time for its users.

The SIMAP project as a software is composed from applications and data bases which offer communication possibilities between stuff members and institution, with fast access at documents and data bases.

The main applications of the SIMAP project are:

            A1. Application “Working Agenda”

            A2. Application “ International relations”

A3. Application “Technical secretariat”

A4. Application “Synthesis”

A5. Application “Connecting at INTERNET, web page”

A6. Application  “Public Info”

A7. Application  “Law”

A8. Application  “Foreign Language”

A9. Application “Documents management system in electronic format”