Industrial sysems
 Environmental and emergency monitoring system of Cernavoda NPP, integrated in a decision support system; gamma project - fezability study 2001;
 SCADA System for monitoring the tehnological parameters in the drinking water supply network in urban areas (Craiova city, 1997);
 SCADA System for the water level and meteorological parameters monitoring in hidrografic area (PHARE Project, Oradea area 2000, Jiu area 2002);
 SCADA System for monitoring the environmental parameters under industrial risk conditions (Heawy Water Plant ROMAG Drobeta 1997, 2004);
 System for measurement the quantity of excavated material in open pits; SCADA system for production dispaching (EMC Husnicioara 2004)
 Control system for valves and gates to the lock in Hydropower Plants Iron Gates I (2001);
 Control system for locks in National Administration of Navigable canals Constanta, (2003);
 Automatic tele control system with SCADA system support for hydropowerunits (Hydropower Plant Tg Jiu (2004);
 Complex automation system for edible oil and margarine plants (OLPO Podari, 1995-1997);
 Monitoring system of technological parameters from the automatic processing of fruits ( Stefanesti Station, Arges County, 2004)
 Monitoring of drilling system - SIFOR (Atlas GIP Ploiesti, Kazastan, 2004);
 Engineering for dispaching system of technological and electrical parameters in surfaces minings including electrical parameters EM Husnicioara, EM Rosia, EM Pinoasa, EM Girla; EM Mehedinti; Roumanian National Company of Lignit.
 System for dispaching of technological / electrical parameters in surfaces minings Tinaz and Baghiaka for termoelectric power plant Yatagan, Teas Afsin Elbistan, Collolar, Turkey
 System for supervising of technological parameters in surfaces minings including electrical dispaching EM Husnicioara (1999 PHARE TTQM project);
 Electrical energy Management and Control System for electrical networks (120 equipments in network, many departments in Romania);
 SCADA system for Electrical energy parameters monitoring in Craiova Termopower plants;
 Automation of pumping station and informatic system for town water supply (Craiova-2004);
 Security and monitoring system under industrial risk conditions (Heawy Water Plant ROMAG Drobeta 2001);
 Toxic gas sensors and environemental monitoring systems including meteo parameters in petrochemicals plants;
 Automatic machine for oil batcher (National Petrol Co. 6 departements in Romania, 1998-2001);
 Constructions materials automatic quality testing Stands (15 clients);
 Monitoring, pre-set and counter informatic system for deliveries, financial administration of in-comings, out-goings and stocks in regional fuel storehouses (2000);
 Engines protection 6 kV / 630 kW, thermic protection, AAR;
 Production Dispaching in open pits; Equipment to estimate the quantity of excavated material with energetic methods.
 Digital error recorder - P D M -
 Monitoring and control system for average voltage electric stations