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International NoAE Project-Day E-mobility:
June 12th - Aachen/Germany

In collaboration with
3rd Mobility Experience and 1st EPT


the Network of Automotive Excellence

The Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) is a free and open initiative for the automobile, aeronautic, transportation and supplier industry. It works as a professional network with the objective to intensify strategic, organisational and technolo- gical exchange of ideas and experiences between the compa- nies participating. Since 2006 NoAE has arranged the internati- onal Project Day and in 2012 more than 300 visitors from more than 21 countries participated. The primary focus of the day has all time been “from ideas and innovations to internati- onal cooperation and projects” and this is also the case in 2013 where focus will be on E-Mobility and how this can create growth in the sector for electric transportation.

the NoAE CsC

The main purpose of the NoAE CSC is to create and drive projects in order to create growth and innovation in the automotive, aeronautic and transportation industry. The organization is a cross-European organization with representatives of a wide array of competences from experienced project managers and development experts.

The NoAE CSC is an addition to the Project Day and will work to create the right drive in projects and multidisciplinary involvement of the right competences in order to create the best possible solution. This will be the next step “from cooperation  and  projects to growth and economic success.”

3 workshops – 1 goal

The workshops in the project day will each have their goal and theme but the overall goal is the same and so is the red thread between them – creation of international cooperation and projects.

E-mobility industry collaboration
  • Meet the upcoming OEMs working with state of the art electric vehicles
  • Collaborate on solutions to the major challenges the industry
  • Discover new approaches to supplier sales and development is facing –suppliers and producers

NoAE Green Cities
  • Learn about the latest trends on mobility in cities by the greenest European cities
  • See how ICT play an important role in the future of mobility
  • Hear about the effect of infrastructure development – is it the hen or egg?

Cross Border Collaboration
  • Meet participants from countries such as Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and NRW/Germany
  • Hear the project proposals from the participating countries
  • Get your change to be a part of a cross border collaboration

International meeting Point for Projects

Innovative Mobility Projects and Developments from our Euro- pean Partners will be presented in the exhibition. Project ideas developped during the day will be collected at the Meeting Point to transfer them into powerful projects.

Your project idea…
… can participate at the Project Day E-mobility. Your contacts support you with framework rules.



AW projects Anton Wolthius Netherlands
Phone:   +31 493 493 228
mobile: +31 6534 49046
Email:     aw@awprojects.nl

Insero E-mobility
Jens Christian Lodberg Høj 8700 Horsens
Phone:   +45 4112 5558
Email:     jclh@insero.dk

ewf institute
Herbert Köpplinger
Phone:   +49 89 7489-9669
mobile: +49 170 5277666
Email:     h.koepplinger@ewf-institute.com

Prof. Giuseppe tomasso
I-03043 Cassino
Phone:   +39 3298 325591
Email:     tomasso@unicas.it

AW projects Anton Wolthius Netherlands
Phone:   +31 493 493 228
mobile: +31 6534 49046
Email:     aw@awprojects.nl

martin Pohl
81475 Munich
Phone:   +49 89 5794-9231
mobile: +49 171 8253893
Email:     martin.pohl@noae-office.com

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Go for more information:               www.noae-project-days.com
Go for registration:                       www.wzlforum.rwth-aachen.de/elektromobilproduktionstag.html
Go for marketing & sponsoring:      Tel: +49-2133-534653 • claudia.kornacker@noae-office.com